Missin’ my kitchen’….

Sigh. I’m  in Austin…a great foodie city…plenty of dining options all around me. And all I can think about is my own kitchen! How weird and wrong is that! I’ve been bookmarking recipes like a fiend all week and I can’t even think of making most of them for another two weeks.

Until I can actually get my hands dirty with some flour and chop up sticks of butter…here’s some food porn links…things I wish I was making. And while we’re at it…what are you making this weekend? (I hear it’s raining somethin’ fierce in DC so I know ya’ll are stuck inside!)

That’s it for now folks…I’m off to get some Mexican food for breakfast. Cause nothing says healthy like refried beans and tortillas early in the mornin’.


2 thoughts on “Missin’ my kitchen’….

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