Watch out! I’ve got a knife (and now I know how to use it)!

I chop onions and bell peppers all the time. And I’ve watched a ton of Food Network…so over time I’ve picked up a few knife skillz by watching Tyler Florence tear it up. However, there’s no substitute for learning how to properly wield a chef’s knife.

Enter, Olga (of Mango & Tomato). Olga is a great teacher…patient, very patient. Patience had to be a prerequisite for teaching our group. Florida Girl in DC, Adventures in Shaw, Urban Bohemian, Thrifty DC Cook and I gathered in Ms. Shaw’s kitchen on Saturday afternoon…each bringing really large knives (that none of us totally knew how to use) and cutting boards (I bought mine at Marshalls about ten minutes before class) ripe and ready for a lesson in choppin’!

And chop we did. Check out my handy work:

Perfectly segmented oranges…fruit salads, beware!

No more tears Sir Onion. I’ll chop you so fast (and all the same size) you won’t know what hit you!

Potatoes three ways (umm, chips, salad and fries)!

Carrots three ways (whatever, carrots, you’re nothing without ranch)!

Garlic….I’ll never buy you in a jar again!

Parsley…as Florida Girl said, “You’re my bitch.”

Finally…bell peppers. Oh wow. Only a video can show how truly amazed we were to learn this technique.

So the main take away here is…take a knife skillz class with Olga…cause chopping things properly makes you less of a hazard in the kitchen…and you’ll impress everyone with your perfect dices.

Arrange a class with Olga via her blog or DM her on Twitter.


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