snOMG Weekend Menu!

Well…it’s just nuts here now. DC residents are prepping for a snow storm that’s just shy of blizzard status (for now at least). And if you’ll recall…I’m not one for the regular toilet paper, bread, milk and water stock up. SO! Here’s my menu for the weekend and some shout outs to other DC foodies doing the same…please share yours in the comment section. (Also, I’ve shared a few downloadable grocery shopping list options after the jump!)

  • My friend Lori (shout out!) made this delicious White Chicken Chili for me and it was just soul-warming! I have dreams about it still!
  • To go with the chili I’m thinking some warm, soft, buttered rosemary rolls from The Pioneer Woman that are made in a cast-iron skillet. (How “it’s snowing out” is that!?)
  • I know I’m making too much food this weekend. I know. So I’m trying to make things that will freeze well…like soups! So I’m gonna try Giada’s Quick and Spicey Tomato Soup.
  • And because Allen (shout out!) wants in on all the food making but wants to be healthy (what’s with all these healthy people lately!?) I’m thinking of making some simple, steamed artichokes to go with the soup.
  • What’s a weekend without baking! I’m gonna bust out my mom’s recipe for pumpkin muffins (will share that later).
  • Finally, I’m making a plum cake that has been a HUGE hit every time I’ve made it.

Phew! That’s a lot. Now…for fellow DC foodies’ plans.

Now if you’re anything like me…grocery shopping can make you look like an absolute psycho mess in the grocery store. I am often found zig zagging from frozen foods back to produce and OH SHIT! Back to the baking aisle. It’s bad. I found that making a detailed, organized list helps a lot. Design*Sponge recently posted a fabulous DIY grocery list project which I used a few times but found that I had to write teeeny tiiiny to make it fit and I don’t write teeny tiny, so. I made my own. Here’s the Grocery Shopping List I’m using today!


5 thoughts on “snOMG Weekend Menu!

  1. Love that grocery shopping list! I’m getting nervous that the crazed hordes are ransacking the grocery stores. (Darn stay at home moms who aren’t at work right now!) I think I’m going to take a coffee break and zip over to Whole Foods to snag the baby back ribs & avocados that are on sale.

  2. I’m also starting to worry about grocery supplies. I don’t think anyone will be hoarding fresh herbs but I’m concerned about securing my chicken thighs for the coq au vin. And yeast shouldn’t scare you! It’s fun and produces lovely things like croissants and breads and waffles and…well, you get the picture.

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