2010 Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions…people don’t keep ’em (a great explanation of why 20 somethings have an especially hard time can be found here)…but they say it’s all in what you pick and how you word ’em!

Two years ago I set out with a list of all food-related resolutions and never have I EVER been so successful! I’m resurrecting this idea for 2010 in the hopes of ultimate culinary success some fun and learning. 

So here we go…my foodie resolutions for 2010:

  1. Learn how to (properly and prettily) frost a cake.
  2. Sans guilt, purchase at least two kitchen tools I consistently pine over (mandoline, dutch oven, KitchenAid, food processor, a nice knife…to name a few).
  3. Master meat. The Boyfriend (The BF) really likes meat. I’m scared of cooking red meat…this should change.
  4. Rock the crock (pot).  A friend (shout out!!!) got me one for Christmas…probably because she tired of me saying how much I wanted one (see Resolution #2).
  5. Make a pie. Crust, filling and all. Like, a real pie. With crinkly edges and slits on the top.
  6. Eat at new places when I do eat it. Eating out is a rarity with my self-imposed budget constraints, but I should get out and try new stuff more often.
  7. Start a blog…take this baking thing to the next level. DONE!
  8. Finally, get back to the farmer’s markets. DC has some of the best in the nation so I should take more advantage of living so close to Dupont Circle’s farmer’s market. I fell in love with Eastern Market in 2008, but not the commute. Dupont it is!

There we go. It’s out in the open. Supposedly this will increase my chances of keeping my resolution!! Anyone care to share their resolution(s)?

Photo courtesy of Eustaquio Santimano on Flickr.

7 thoughts on “2010 Resolutions

  1. Love the resolutions. I too decided to master something for the BF (besides my attempts to trick him into eating vegetarian)… mine that I promised were fudge (easy peasy) and fried chicken… which will be a labor of love, cause I *hate* touching raw chicken.

  2. Meat is easy! Let’s talk about broiling sometime… and you can’t beat the filet mignon at Costco. Sear both sides then just relax a bit.

  3. Like the blog A. I’m so happy one of your resolutions is to cook meat…like your BF I enjoy a good piece of steak or pork. So when you come to work don’t just bring cookies for us…

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